Beverly Howe Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Cleaning Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Only acrylic paintings may have the surface gently washed by wiping with cloth and warm water. If an art work has loose or other material incorporated into the painting it should not be washed. If extremely soiled a small amount of mild dish soap can be added to the water. Rinse by gently wiping with cloth and warm water.

Wipe front and back thoroughly with wet cloth let dry thoroughly before mounting to wall. An annual cleaning with intermittent light dusting of the surface is recommended to preserve the best colors and beauty of the artwork.

The BACK of the canvas ONLY may be sprayed lightly with a bacterial killer like Lysol, must be thoroughly dried before remounting to a surface.

Repair a dent in the surface of an acrylic painting on canvas.

Wet the back only of the canvas just enough to see the water has penetrated the canvas and area surrounding of the indentation. Let the canvas dry thoroughly. The canvas typically shrinks back into place. Repeat the process if the indentation is deep.

Repair a tear in an acrylic painting on canvas.

Small repairs can be made by applying a small piece of canvas or fabric tape to the back of the existing canvas where there is a hole or tear. Seal the canvas patch on the back with several layers of gesso before attempting any repairs to the front of the canvas. Gently, seal the front of the canvas with matching paint, matt or gloss coating. If the canvas image is significantly torn or damaged, contact the artist for help with restoration or replacement.

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